Graduate Curriculum

Educational Goals

The educational goal of graduate program of SNU College of Nursing is to cultivate nursing scholars who are able to contribute to the progress of the nursing discipline through scientific inquiry, and nursing specialists who possess the professional knowledge and skill required to meet the changing demands of society.

Educational Programs

The graduate program of the SNU College of Nursing is divided into 3 separate majors (Adult Health Nursing, Maternal-Child and Psychiatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Nursing Care System) in the master’s, M.S.N.-Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs. The master’s program has a required minimum of 30 credits for completion. The M.S.N.-Ph.D. program requires student to complete a total of 60 credits and Ph.D. program requires 60 to 66 credits combined with the master’s program.

Apart from their curriculum, graduate students are allowed to participate in small research seminars conducted by other graduate students and professors with similar academic interest. The College also invites internationally renowned scholars as well as College professors to conferences it hosts, which serves to promote the development of the nursing science through encouraging the participation of nursing experts and educators both domestic and international.