Leading the development of nursing study with the best educational environment
For the health and well-being of all Korean people, the Seoul National University College of Nursing stands at the forefront of the professionalization, internationalization, and information digitalization of the nursing discipline, devoting the utmost effort to the realization - on an internationally acceptable level - of education, research, and community service as collegiate functions. The College of Nursing not only oversees the education of undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. programs, which offer nursing as a major, but also plays a central role in the study of nursing within and outside of Korea. In addition, the College of Nursing is responsible for the education and training of nursing scholars and clinical nurses working in various domestic fields.
The undergraduate program spans 4 years with a total of 320 students currently enrolled with approximately 80 students per class year. In 2017, 68 students were studying on the Master's program, 66 students were on the M.S.N.-Ph.D. program, 62 students were studying on the Ph.D. program, bringing the total number of students enrolled in the graduate program to 196. As of 2017, the faculty and staff of the College of Nursing consisted of 23 full-time professors in charge of education and research, 56 part-time lecturers, 83 adjunct professors, 4 teaching assistants assisting the professors, and 6 administrative personnel in charge of general, academic, student, and residential affairs.
In the past decade, the SNU College of Nursing has been able to boast about such excellent graduates that include two members of the National Assembly, a Minister for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, heads of numerous Korean hospitals, and professors at various nursing schools. In this optimal educational environment, the excellent faculty and superb students provide the driving force behind the nursing discipline.