Extracurricular Activities

In order to be a global talents qualified for rapidly changing health care sector, students must be able to harmonize with the world. Students of SNU College of Nursing are learning how to communicate and grow with the world around them by doing a variety of activities to become nursing leaders such as student clubs, career searching activities and academic research activities.
Student Clubs
DASONI(Volunteer Club), Exciting(Sports Club), Sori(Band Club), Funk Mission(Dance Club), Intelligent Design Society, Umteum(Researching Association of Medical Problem & Feminism), Songchon(Student Association of Health Care Service), CaSA(Yongon Campus Catholic Students' Association), Art Club, SNUMN(Chorus of the School of Nursing and Medicine), Moccabery(Theatrical Club), IVF(Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship), JOY(Christian Students' Club), SNU Student Hospice, SNUGHF(Association of Global Health Forum), P.L.A.Y.(Piano Club)
SNU-Nursing Career Searching Activities
SNU College of Nursing provides nursing students with various activities to explore different nursing careers. SNU-Nursing Mentoring Program (SNU-NMP) was launched in 2009 in order to help our nursing students to establish their identity as a nursing professional and to grow to be a competent nursing leader in the future. Since 2013, SNU-NMP has changed to Career Development Camp. The Camp invites nursing alumni with various nursing professions to share their career experience with our nursing students. In addition, SNU College of Nursing provides senior nursing students with Employment Capacity Development Program every summer with a collaboration with Department of Nursing, Seoul National University Hospital.
Academic Research Activities
Juniors and seniors of the College conduct a research in a group for one year throughout the course of nursing research and publish the outcomes into a nursing student thesis book after completing their research. Since 2013, Nursing Student Research Presentation Day has been held. The selected outstanding research have opportunities to be published in the journal, Perspective in Nursing Science and to be presented in an academic conference held by The Research Institute of Nursing Science, Seoul National University.