Adult Health Nursing


Kang, Seung-Wan
- Major : Adult Health Nursing

Research Interests

· Mind-Body Integrative Medicine
· QEEG mapping and neuromodulation therapy for chronic pain/fatigue/stress/traumatic brain injury etc.
· Research for environmental toxin-nutrition-brain health
· Research for Heart-Brain synchronicity and self-healing



■ Kim, D. K., Lee, K. M., Kim, J., Whang, M. C., & Kang, S. W. (2013). Dynamic correlations between heart and brain rhythm during Autogenic meditation. Frontiers in human neuroscience.

■ Shin, S., Hong, K., Kang, S. W., & Joung, H. (2012). A milk and cereal dietary pattern is associated with a reduced likelihood of having a low bone mineral density of the lumbar spine in Korean adolescents. Nutrition Research.


■ 유현식 외 3인. 『인문학 카페 인생 강의: 대한민국 직장인의 9가지 고민을 인문학으로 풀다』. 서울: 글담출판사, 2013.